Email marketing is a popular way of communicating with your customers on a regular (or irregular) basis. You should have a method of collecting the email address of customers who agree to be contacted this way.

Email marketing works best in the form of campaigns with a message for your customer and a call-to-action - maybe to request they get in touch, visit a particular page on your website, or find out more about a product which they may then purchase.

We will be happy to advise you, build your email marketing campaign and provide you with tests prior to it being dispatched to your customer list.

In all cases, subscribers should have easy access to un-subscribe and our systems manage this process via un-subscribe links in email campaign footers.

There will be a charge for all campaigns that we create dependant on the complexity of the email message. There will also be a small charge per campaign plus a nominal fee per recipient. Please contact us for charges as we may be able to offer volumetric discounts.

Please contact us using the contact form if you would like more details about our email marketing services.