Wordpress sites are very popular as they allow customers direct access to edit their website content via a simple Content Management System (CMS) admin panel. Wordpress provides the backbone of the website, the options for customising the site are infinite. Websites created using Wordpress can include static pages and blog posts if you wish, which can allow or disallow website visitors to leave comments - the choice is yours.


Wordpress themes control the look-and-feel of the website. You can choose from thousands of themes available via Wordpress, we can source a custom theme, or you can select a theme and make changes to suit yourself. Some themes are responsive, which suits website visitors using mobile devices - some are standard designs.


By adding pages, you add static pages to the Wordpress site. These pages are usually automatically linked in the navigation system but please check the theme includes this. Some themes will handle multi-level menu systems, it's best to check.


Posts are your blog content, where you can write as much or little as you choose, incorporate images and set tags to match the content you have written

Pages and posts can both have the option of having comments received and moderated (you will receive an email to allow or deny the comment before it is shown on the site).


There are over 25,000 Wordpress plug-ins available directly from Wordpress covering all kinds of useful additions, which once installed and activated can be controlled via the Wordpress admin panel. These include:

  • Facebook Like Box
  • Shareaholic Share Buttons
  • Wordpress SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • Google XML Sitemaps


Some plug-ins provide additional functionality which adds value to the site, so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for example would add specific tags to the HTML pages when they are sent to the browser, but within the Wordpress admin panel additional sections are added to the Pages and Posts pages so that you can add the SEO content for each page or post.

Other plug-ins provide widgets, which are specifically added to the Wordpress page (usually in a narrower left or right column but it could form primary content), so for example a Facebook Like box would show a "Like" button along with the pen pictures of people who have previously clicked the Like button.

The great thing about Wordpress is that it's pretty hard to break anything, if you need to re-install a plug-in, or even Wordpress itself - that's easily done from the Wordpress admin panel.

Please contact us using the contact form if you would like more details about developing Wordpress websites and blogs.